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Septic Systems

We install new septic systems as well as repair existing units including:

  • Standard
  • Pressurized mound
  • Flood dose mound
  • Chamber systems
  • Septic design
  • Pump replacement.

Some Helpful Tip for The Homeowner

Understanding your septic system

There are several components to a septic system and understanding these components may alloy you to prolong the life of your system. Such as the periodic maintenance of your tank as well as what you put into your tank Always remember whatever you put into your drains or flush down your toilet goes into your septic system and that could be harmful to your septic as well at the environment. On an average you should have your tank pumped every 2 to 3 years depending on usage and family size. As well as you should try to keep the area of your septic field open. Don't park on it or build on it, try to keep it mowed and free of trees. Roots of the trees can work their way into the pipes and clog or damage them. And trim trees, as you want sun to the field for absorption.

Tank Replacements

There are many old rotted steel septic tanks in the ground and you should be aware that they are dangerous and could give away at any time, as well as if the baffles are rotted the solids could get out into your drainage field and cause the system to fail. This could be a costly repair, but if you were aware of the problem with the tank you could have a tank replacement rather than an entire septic system.

Grading and drainage

It is also a very important part of maintaining your property. For example, improper grading can cause flooding and wet basements. Even if the water is not actually coming in it can make your walls damp which causes mold.
Improper grading can also cause septic field failure due to excess saturation of the septic field. Often times these problems can be remedied with something as simple as a swale or catch basin with drainage pipe or simply to re-grade the property and direct water away from septic fields, foundations and driveways.

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